Round Ball Moulds

Q: What material is the Ball Mould made from?

A: Brass used is CZ 121 which is noted for its clean cutting and hardness.

Q: What size can I order?

A: We can make any size Ball Mould you require.

Q: Do you make multi cavity moulds?

A: Not at present.

Q: Are handles included with the Ball Mould?

A: No, but our Moulds are designed to fit regular handles. We can supply LEE 90005 Mould Handles which are very good value.

Q: How does the old bore size system work?

A: Below is the old system for calculating bore sizes. It works on balls to the pound. i.e. a 16 bore would use a ball which weighed 1oz.

No. of Gauge Dia. of Bore in Inches No. of Gauge Dia. of Bore in Inches No. of Gauge Dia. of Bore in Inches
1 1.669 13 0.710 25 0.571
2 1.325 14 0.693 26 0.563
3 1.157 15 0.677 27 0.556
4 1.052 16 0.662 28 0.550
5 0.976 17 0.650 29 0.543
6 0.919 18 0.637 30 0.537
7 0.873 19 0.626 31 0.531
8 0.835 20 0.615 32 0.526
9 0.803 21 0.605 33 0.520
10 0.775 22 0.596 34 0.515
11 0.751 23 0.587 35 0.510
12 0.729 24 0.579 36 0.506

Belted Ball Moulds

Q: Why do you need a sample ball or slug of my gun barrel?

A: We need a sample ball or slug of your bore if it is for a Belted Ball Mould. Please click here to see why (PDF)

Q: How should I make a slug of my gun barrel?

A: The best way to take a cast of a two groove (Brunswick style) rifle barrel is do the following:

Put a length of wire, with a hook on the end, into the barrel. Place some rag on top of the hook and push down the barrel approx..2” Pour the lead (or whatever material you are using to make the cast), on top of the rag. When cooled pull the slug out using the wire.

Once you have the slug, please send it to:

The Tanner’s,

23 Passingham Avenue, South Green,

Billericay, Essex,

England, CM11 2TD

Cannon Ball and Hollow Cannon Ball Moulds

Q: What Material is the Cannon Ball Mould made from?

A: Moulds from 1.100″ up to 2.000″ are made from CZ 121 Brass which is noted for its clean cutting and hardness. Moulds from 2.001″ are made from Aircraft grade duralumin which is noted for its ability to take a high finish and is unaffected by molten lead.

Q: What about handles for the Cannon Ball Moulds?

A: We don’t supply handles for either type of cannon mould, but you can find a picture of how to make them here:

– Cannon Moulds Handles (PDF)


Q: What material are the Patches made from?

A: The Patches are made from quality dry cotton.

Q: What size Patch should I use for the Round ball?

A: Please see the table below for a guide:

Bore Dia. of Patch in Inches
0.360″ 3/4″ or 7/8″
0.450″ 1″
0.500″ 1.1/8″ or 1.1/4″
0.625″ 1.1/2″
0.690″ 1.1/2″ or 1.3/4″
0.750″ 1.3/4″


Q: What are GBP?

A: Great Britain Pounds.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account

A: PayPal is very easy to set up. Please follow this link: PAYPAL

Q: Can I send you a cheque instead?

A: Cheques are accepted, but only if the payment is in GB pounds.

Other FAQ’s

Q: Do you make Bullet Moulds?

A: No. We only make Round Ball Moulds, but we know a man who can. Please Contact Us.

Q: Nice photos. Who took them?

A: Yeah, they’re great! Perry Andrews took the pictures. Here is his website: