Belted Ball Moulds


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Belted Ball Mould for the likes of a Brunswick rifle. A cast of your bore will be required for profile of the belt (please see below). The mould will be made from CZ 121 brass, noted for its durability and clean cutting.


Q: Why do you need a sample ball or slug of my gun barrel?

A: We need a sample ball or slug of your bore if it is for a Belted Ball Mould. Please click here to see why (PDF)

Q: How should I make a slug of my gun barrel?

A: The best way to take a cast of a two groove (Brunswick style) rifle barrel is do the following:

Put a length of wire, with a hook on the end, into the barrel. Place some rag on top of the hook and push down the barrel approx. 2”. Pour the lead ( Cerrosafe or whatever material you are using to make the cast), on top of the rag. When cooled pull the slug out using the wire.

Once you have the slug, please send it to:

James Tanner,

30 Rayleigh Avenue,

Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex,

England, SS0 7DS

Additional information

Weight 206 g